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The Studio

Halcyon Mastering is a custom built audio suite in the City of Bristol. We use a mixture of carefully chosen Digital and Analog equipment, housed in our acoustically treated mastering room. Extensive research went into the acoustic design, monitoring, digital processing and analog hardware choices to ensure the quality of every master we produce.

Studio: Products


2 x Neumann KH310 Active Speakers
2 x Neumann KH 750 Stereo Subs
Sennheiser HD800S Headohones
Dangerous Music Monitor ST Contoller

Monitoring Photos

Analog & Digital Hardware

Apollo X8 Digital Interface and DSP
TC Electronic Clarity M Digital Meter
Slate Raven MTi2 Touch Screen
TC Electronic System 6000
TC Electronic Finalizer 96K
Manly Stereo ELOP Compressor

Mastering Studio Rack

Digital Processing

Waves Audio Software
Stephen Slate Audio Software
T- Racks Software
Dangerous Music BAX EQ
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Elysia Alpha Mastering Compressor

Mastering Screen View

Acoustic Treatment

GIK Acoustics Alpha 6A1D Diffusers

GIK Tri Traps

GIK Soffits

GIK 224 Panels

GIK Monsters

Acoustic Treatment

Our inventory is constantly updating with new hardware and software

Studio: Text
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