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Audio Mastering

Mastering is the essential final stage in your project, where tracks are fine tuned for optimal playback across a wide range of sound systems. We’re here to ensure your music translates to an exciting and enjoyable listening experience no matter where people hear it. 

We bring fresh perspective and fresh ears to your project and draw on our extensive experience to make detailed critical adjustments. Our range of carefully chosen equipment and audio tools are available to subtly shape the tone, dynamics, stereo image and level of your tracks. Mastering is available for individual songs, EPs and full-length albums.
We contact all clients individually to discuss their project details.


Online Mastering

Our online service is here to make the task of mastering your music as simple as possible. All files are sent via web transfer, reviewed and processed then returned to you digitally ready for distribution.


Streaming Mastering

Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube Music…. With so many digital platforms it is important that your masters translate consistently. We apply our full spectrum of audio mastering techniques to your project, carefully analysing and adjusting every track so that they are optimized for all streaming platforms.


Mastering For CD

There is something magical about a CD release. Track levels, spacing and arrangement are all crucial to the perception of the finished album. We offer full DDPi services for CD manufacture to ensure your music will be distributed the way you want it. ISRC codes can be assigned and rights allocated to keep track of your music wherever it is played.


Audio Restoration

There are times we see audio in sub optimal condition that needs some TLC. It could be those crackly recordings from years ago, or a live concert mix with lots of audience and background noise. It doesn't have to be for release, those projects with sentimental value are just as important. Throughout the Audio Restoration process we employ detailed analysis software and a range of digital editing and noise reduction tools to bring your music back to life.

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