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Rethink, Reboot, Retrain we were told… we have

The studio has truly been a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the whole musical landscape altered overnight. We decided to make it an opportunity; channel our lifelong passion for music, years of experience and love of learning new skills into developing an online Mastering Service

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Charlie Albin


Ed Sheeran // Iron Maiden // Shirley Bassey // Judas Priest // Laura Mvula

For over a decade I've been working in live concerts as a PA systems designer and mix engineer.  I'm a former Choral scholar and a multi-instrumentalist who's early experiences in studio recording led to completing a BA Degree in Sound Engineering, prior to embarking on a number of live tours. A return to the studio feels entirely natural, the crossover in skillset and tools its huge not to mention the ear training developed over hundreds of live shows in every conceivable acoustic space. Mastering is simply a continuation of the work I know and love, and my enduring passion for music in all it's forms.

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David White


Ed Sheeran // Tom Jones // Jeff Beck // Godsmack // The Darkness // Big Country // The Alarm

Mastering has always been described to me as 'The Dark Art'. This piqued my curiosity and inspired me to understand it. Learning the techniques used for mastering has been a natural evolution of skills I have been refining my whole career. Being able to listen to a piece of audio or music, analyse critically in tone, balance, and dynamics has taken a long time to learn and understand. For the last 16 years I have been able to spread my career between live shows and studio work. Every time a tour or festival project ends, I go back to the studio to work with musicians to engineer their music the way they want it to be heard. With a passion for technology and music, I have always been that guy who would take something apart to figure out how it functioned, learning something every time. And almost always being able to put it back together better!

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